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Wildlife is a vitally important component of Earth’s natural ecosystems that provide a balanced environment conducive to life on our planet.

All of the ecology required to sustain human and other life forms is still available to us, but it is diminishing rapidly because of pollution and inappropriate land and sea development. Over the last 50 years, more than 56% of wild animal species have declined in the UK and a similar amount of our indigenous plant species have suffered the same fate, sometimes to the point of extinction. Wildlife is undoubtably under threat!

It is now widely recognised that a balance has to be achieved between the necessity to feed our ever increasing population whilst making sure that the vital ecological support chain for producing food is properly environmentally sustainable now and into the future, and with more land required for housing it is vital as never before that pockets of relatively unused, unmanaged land are not considered as primary targets for new construction. These pockets often provide vital corridors, important refuges and safe habitats for wildlife that desperately needs our strongest protection. Once these extremely valuable wildlife havens are gone, they are gone forever and so is the wildlife that survives by a thread within their confines!

Wildlife Links for Cornwall

Cornwall Wildlife Trust¬†Also see 30 Days Wild, CWT’s annual, month long event in June encouraging everyone interested in wildlife to take part.

RSPB Nature Reserves at Hayle Estuary and Marazion Marsh

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