Tresillian Village News Bulletin Board Archive 2022

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Quiz Night – Tresillian – 21st December

Tresillian Village Chapel. Photo: © Keith LittlejohnsA Quiz Night is to be held at Tresillian Chapel, on Wednesday 21st December at 7.00pm.
£2.00 per person

Tresillian’s Fist-full of Royal Horticultural Society ‘Southwest in Bloom Awards 2022’

This year, Tresillian Village achieved success in three separate categories.

In the Mary Mortimer Trophy category, Tresillian in Bloom was awarded Silver.

In the It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards, the Tresillian Allotments Site achieved the highest award Level 5 of Outstanding.

In the It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards, the Tresillian Churchyard achieved the highest award Level 5 of Outstanding.

Congratulations to all involved with these projects and activities. Those who work extremely hard to help make the environment of our village a more pleasant and attractive place to live and work in should feel very proud.

Tresillian’s Annual Ceremony of Remembrance – Sunday 13-11-2022

On a pleasant Cornish autumnal Sunday morning a sizeable gathering of villagers attended a ceremony of remembrance for the fallen at Tresillian’s war memorial in the Playing Field.
Rev Linda Whetter gave the welcome address followed by a prayer of remembrance for those who made the supreme sacrifice for us all.

This was followed by Leslie (Les) Sutton [Left photo, centre] reading out the names of WWI fallen as commemorated on the war memorial, who were part of our local community. Les also read out names of members of our armed forces lost in any military conflict since WWI and who’s relatives are resident in our village community today.

Bob Scott [Right photo, left] read aloud the familiar 4th stanza from Laurence Binyon’s ‘The Fallen’ as adopted by the Royal British Legion as an Exhortation for ceremonies of Remembrance to commemorate fallen Servicemen and women:
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

Buglar, Dan Beacham [Right] then preceded a two minutes silence by sounding Last Post, after which he sounded Reveille to bring the customary period of respectful silence to a conclusion.

Bob Scott [Left] then read aloud the words immortalised on the Kohima Memorial inscription:
“When you go home, Tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow, We gave our today”.

Wreath Laying ceremony, Roy Owen.

Wreath Laying ceremony salute, Bob Scot with Les Sutton (obscured).

Wreath Laying ceremony, Lesley Dobel.

Wreath Laying ceremony, Isaac Nicholson.

Wreath Laying ceremony, Joseph Nicholson.

At closure there were more than 50 villagers gathered in the field next to the war memorial, many of whom are in this photo with others standing just out of view.

All photos are © Copyright Keith Littlejohns

An Outbreak of Several Incidents of Serious Criminal Damage and Thefts in Tresillian reported by residents are now in the hands of the police.

To date, the following incidents have been reported by residents:

Theft of a small dinghy from behind the Village Hall.

This was intended as a replacement for the old dinghy used as a planted feature at the western end of the village that is now in such poor a condition as to be not fit for purpose.

This totally selfish act has upset many in the village, including those hard working volunteers of the Tresillian Village Improvement Group who freely give their time and effort to enhance the visual appearance of our village. Finding a replacement for the stolen dinghy will be extremely difficult as the group has to rely on the generosity of a donor to offer a suitable boat deemed to be past its useful life on the water.

Acts of theft are generally dealt with in the local magistrates’ courts under the Theft Act 1968, s.1 and sentences vary according to severity.

Graffiti on Village Hall.

An act of graffiti vandalism has been carried out on the village hall, and is classed as Criminal Damage.

Under the Criminal Damage Act 1971, anyone caught doing graffiti can face a prison sentence of up to ten years or fined if the damage costs more than £5,000.

If the damage caused is less than £5,000, an offender could face three months in prison or a fine of £2,500.

Offenders can also be prosecuted under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

Severe vandalism of a War Memorial.

The soldier that has been a part of the Tresillian Village War Memorial site has suffered severe vandalism, almost to the point of total destruction. Vandalisation of a war memorial in the UK is considered a very serious offence indeed and those found responsible can expect to receive a severe sentence

Destroying or damaging property
Section 1(1) CDA 1971 – A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another, intending to destroy or damage any such property, or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged, shall be guilty of an offence.

This offence is triable either way – para. 29, Schedule 1 Magistrates’ Court Act 1980 (MCA 1980).The maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment – Section 4 CDA 1971.

Graffiti damage to the recently installed refuge islands.

An act of graffiti vandalism has been carried out on one of the recently installed refuge islands on the A390 in our village, and is classed as Criminal Damage. The surface area of newly laid concrete has been damaged by deep scratch marks by persons inscribing their names in the wet concrete. Some remedial work has so far been carried out, but photographic evidence was recorded before this action was taken.

Under the Criminal Damage Act 1971, anyone caught doing graffiti can face a prison sentence of up to ten years or fined if the damage costs more than £5,000.

If the damage caused is less than £5,000, an offender could face three months in prison or a fine of £2,500.

Offenders can also be prosecuted under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

Verbal attack on a Tresillian Village Improvement Group volunteer.

A volunteer was verbally abused with foul language and threats to tear down one of the village improvement projects they were working on at the time.

Threatening behaviour – fear or provocation of violence/ Racially or religiously aggravated threatening behaviour – fear or provocation of violence. New hate crime laws may also play a part in any sentencing.

Crime and Disorder Act 1998, s.31(1)(a), Public Order Act 1986, s.4

Theft of 4 ceramic flowers from plant trough.

Four ceramic flowers produced specifically for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the village were stolen during the late afternoon/evening of June 7, 2022.

Acts of theft are generally dealt with in the local magistrates’ courts under the Theft Act 1968, s.1 and sentences vary according to severity.

Sentencing data supplied by the Sentencing Council

If you have information regarding any of the crimes mentioned above, no matter how trivial it may seem, please Call Devon and Cornwall Police on 101 or Anonymous reporting can be done via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

If you have information regarding any other crimes, no matter how trivial it may seem, please contact one of the options listed below.

Anonymous reporting can be done via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Call Devon and Cornwall Police on 101.

Email Devon and Cornwall Police or reporting via their website.

Cornwall Council Anti-social behaviour team on 0300 1234 232
or via the fully secure Cornwall Council website

June 4th and 5th 2022 – Roundup of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Held Locally in and Close To the Tresillian Area

Saturday June 4th Tresillian – Party in The Park

Originally intended to be held in the Playing Field, however the event was transferred to Tresillian Village Hall due to bad weather. Luckily, the rain held off most of the time allowing people to take sustenance at the BBQ outside the hall. Despite the inclement weather there was a good turnout with music provided by a live band and a bring your own cake judging took place.

All photos © Keith Littlejohns

Saturday June 4th Tresillian – Wheel Inn – BBQ and Live Music

A BBQ celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was held at the recently refurbished Wheel Inn.

All photos © Keith Littlejohns

Sunday June 5th Sunny Corner by The Tresillian River, between Malpas and Truro.

Despite some cloudiness, most of which kept its distance from the venue, Sunday was a better day for weather allowing Sunny Corner to live up to its name for much of the day.

The turnout was excellent with people also attending from outside the immediate area. A variety of cakes were available along with hot and cold drinks. Many of the cakes being donated by volunteer home bakers along with some donated by local food retailers who also supplied some cream.

Music was provided by a talented solo female vocalist accompanied by digitally recorded music.

A raffle was held with prizes that included a painting of Sunny Corner painted by a local artist.

June 2nd 2022. Today sees the start of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee local celebrations

The Tresillian Village Improvement Group have been busy planting up containers and troughs along with decorating with flags as well as tidying up throughout the village in readiness for the Jubilee.
All above Photos © Keith Littlejohns

The following is a running order of local celebrations.

Platinum Jubilee Parade and Service – Truro, 2nd June 1.00pm

On Thursday 2nd June, there will be a Platinum Jubilee Parade through Truro City Centre.

Photo © Keith Littlejohns. Victoria Gardens, the home of Waterfall gardens showing last year’s tribute to the Spitfire adjacent to the bandstand just a short distance from  waterfall gardens via the fountain.

Leaving Waterfall Gardens at 13.00, the parade will march through the city, to Boscawen Street, culminating at High Cross at 13.30.

Following the parade, there will be an open-air service of thanksgiving for the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen, in which people will pay tribute to the Queen, and the City of Truro Male Choir will lead the singing. Prior to this, the bells of Truro Cathedral will ring out.

The service will last approximately half an hour.

Jubilee Party in The Park – Tresillian Playing Field, Saturday 4th June, 12pm

Platinum Jubilee Party – Sunny Corner, Between Truro and Malpas, Sunday 5th June, 2pm

A party is to be held at Sunny Corner to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Tea, coffee, cakes and a fundraising raffle.

The Friends of Sunny Corner, a group of volunteers based in Truro were honoured, last year on June 2nd 2021, with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK.

Photo © Cornwall Live. Paul and Arthur receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service on behalf of all the volunteers, June 2nd 2021.

Paul Caruana and 90-year-old head gardener Arthur Fitzgerald are part of the group who have been awarded the Queen’s Voluntary Award for their work at Sunny Corner

New Refuge Islands for A390 in Tresillian – May 2022

After several years in the planning and successful bidding for funding two new refuge islands are being constructed in the village closest to frequently used services on the opposite side from the vast majority of the village’s population to help make crossing the A390 safer.
Photo: © Keith Littlejohns
Photo: © Keith Littlejohns

Local Parish Councillor, Keith Littlejohns proposed seeking funding for this particular scheme following an outright refusal by the local Highways authority for instillation of a pedestrian crossing. Refusal for a crossing was based upon Tresillian village not having a school plus insufficient population to meet statutory requirements.

Despite refusal for a crossing Cllr Littlejohns and St Clement Parish Council remained concerned about road safety when crossing and subsequently adopted an alternative proposal from Keith to extend the area of selected refuge islands that he considered inadequate for purpose in the 21st century. Although a solitary pedestrian was reasonably safe using the existing structures he felt that they were nowhere near large enough for a parent with a child in a buggy or very young children accompanying an adult. Also, since the original islands were installed there has been a significant increase in the the use of mobility vehicles including scooters and motorised wheelchairs. The existing islands do not provide sufficient width for safe use of these vehicles, particularly as carriageway boundary white lines are often ignored and the non-carriageway safety zones beside the islands are frequently driven over by larger vehicles and careless drivers.

Prior to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Keith’s fellow councillor, Theresa Cowling took part in discussions at a Truro and Roseland Community Network Panel meeting regarding possible funding being available for qualifying highway projects and reported a favourable response to this project. Initially, some funding was awarded to carry out a Feasibility Study.
Map annotated by Cllr Littlejohns showing current position of refuge islands and suggestions to be taken into consideration by the Feasibility Study as part of the bid for funding, along with a detailed document explaining the need for making the most frequently used existing islands safer.

Following the study’s findings along with recommendations from Highways the project was included in a short list for further scrutiny before full/part funding was approved that included a contribution from St Clement Parish Council funds. In the final draft submitted two refuse islands were chosen that best fitted within the technical/financial constraints of funding available.

This project has taken quite some time to come to fruition, including Covid-19 also causing delays creating an understandable workload backlog at Cormac, but it is now finally taking place and is hoped it will make at least some improvement to road safety in the village at busy crossing points.

As will probably already have been noticed the work is to be carried out during the evenings between 7pm and 11pm when traffic light control will be in operation. The entire project is hoped to be completed over several days rather than several weeks.

Tresillian Village Playing Field Awarded Grant – 31 March 2022

The Playing Field Committee has been awarded a grant of £930 by St Clement Parish Council for remedial work to the football pitch goalmouth areas. The goalmouth areas have suffered long-term problems with saturated turf that makes play difficult. Although the pitch is situated in a known flood plane 3 area, the Playing Field Committee have been offered a solution by Cornwall Turf Company to carry out remedial work necessary to alleviate the problem. A date is not known yet when work will commence to re-turf the sodden areas.

A previous price to install Impact Play Carpet to the goalmouth areas by another specialist company, Dura-Sport was quoted at £9,066.00 plus vat.

Truro Audi Tree Surgery – Advance Notification

Photo: © Keith Littlejohns

Truro Audi have been advised by a local tree surgeon that our rather large conifer at the entrance to the site is now a danger hazard to passing traffic, and the public.

Residents of Tresillian will no doubt have seen our efforts to fell the tree last year in an attempt to save the iconic land mark, but even after removing 10 tones from the lower sections the tree has sadly come to the end of it’s life. 

We are now starting to plan the work after the summer but wanted to give everyone plenty of notice.

It will be sad to see it removed, but safety to passing traffic, local residents and staff must come first.

Simon Gumma,
Head of Business at Truro Audi

Tresillian Village Hall AGM Report – March 2022

Tresillian Village Hall. Photo © Keith LittlejohnsThe 71st Annual General Meeting of the Tresillian Village Hall Committee was held on Thursday 24 February attended by 28 people.

Colin Honey, Chairman, thanked the members of the Management Committee for keeping the Village Hall going over the past two difficult years. He wished Claire Wright, Treasurer, and Ann McCormick, Lettings Secretary, well for a speedy recovery following their respective illnesses. In the absence of the Treasurer and the Lettings Secretary these roles had been shared by Hilary Stephens and Pam Collenette.

The rental charges had been kept competitive so that bookings were coming in following the lockdowns and also grants had been received.

At the end of the meeting, as required in the Constitution, the Management Committee members stood down and all indicated that they did not wish to stand for re-election. A new Management Committee was then appointed with David Lean, Treasurer; Kirsten Lean, Bookings Secretary; Lesley Dobel, Secretary; Aileen Bratton, Cherry James, Diane Nicholls, Desiree Tillgren, Lars Tillgren and Tanya Thomas with George Doherty as Chairman. George has a wealth of knowledge of the Village Hall and has undertaken the roles of Chairman and Secretary previously.

Going forward for the new Committee, 2023 will be the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Village Hall so there will be an event to commemorate this. There is interest in the village for the formation of badminton and table tennis clubs and it was felt that the Hall could be the ideal venue for celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June this year. Those present at the meeting were asked to submit ideas for the use of the Hall and the suggested events to the Secretary, Lesley Dobel (

Lesley Dobel, Secretary
Tresillian Village Hall

Tresillian Celebrates St Piran’s Day – 5th March 2022

Saint Piran’s Day is celebrated each year on 5th March in Cornwall as the national day of Cornwall.

Gool Peran Lowen is the Cornish language greeting “Happy St Piran’s Day”

Celebrate St Piran’s Day in Tresillian, Saturday 5th March 2022.
2pm – 4.30pm at Tresillian Methodist Chapel.
Cornish Folk Music with “Highly Strung”
Cornish cream tea and cakes.
St Piran’s Day gifts for children.

Proceeds go to Compassion. Compassion works in partnership churches in 25 developing countries. These frontline church partners tailor our holistic child development model to the contextualised needs of the children in their communities, to best deliver the holistic care that the children they serve most need.

Tresillian Village Hall AGM – Thursday 24 February at 7pm

This is a very important AGM for the Village Hall Committee, and for the village. The main focus of the AGM will be to gain active support to keep our village hall open and save it from possible imminent closure. Memebers of the general public in our village are most welcome to attend and participate in the meeting. The more people that attend the greater chance there will be that solutions will be forthcoming to save this vital village asset for future generations.

Tresillian Wildlife Articles (Steady on! Not that kind of wild life) – Various Contributors – Check out latest items added by following the Wildlife & Natural History Page link below

Photo: © Keith Littlejohns

Wildlife articles can be accessed by visiting the Wildlife & Natural History Page and selecting the relevant year link at the bottom of the page. The Tresillian website welcomes any stories or photos of your wildlife/Natural History observations in Tresillian and its close environs. Hedgehog, bird or any other wild animal sighting or naturalised flowers or plants of interest that catch your attention. We would love to hear from you. Just get in contact via our Contact page and we will be back in touch with you about your story/photos.

Tresillian Photographic Archive Project – Keith Littlejohns

Wheel Inn c1910

I am proposing setting up an organised collection of photographic images for our village that, hopefully, will remain as a permanent unified digital archive of life in Tresillian through the decades for future generations to have available.

Building this archive relies heavily on source material being forthcoming. To that end I am asking residents of Tresillian (or known past residents that have moved away but may have some suitable images) to make contact with me regarding the loan of images so that I can make professional scans and return the original prints or negatives to the owner.

This could turn out to be a quite substantial task and as a result I am expecting the building of the archive to be split into phases. For the initial phase I will be concentrating solely on gathering together a collection of older images from very early days up to and including 1979.

If you think you may have some suitable photographs I can be contacted via the village website by emailing me using this website’s Contact page. There is no need to go into great detail at first as I will make contact to talk about any images you consider may be of interest. I’m really only looking to archive images that have recorded village life and how it has evolved through time. Eventually, as time allows, I will add more modern images from 1980 onwards to take the story forward.

If possible, it would be very useful if you have information such as dates (roughly will do), names of people or locations or any other details you think may be of interest. If you don’t yet use email, please do ask a friend or neighbour to make contact on your behalf as old images are of particular interest for this first phase.

Cllr Keith Littlejohns

Tresillian’s Missing Milestone – An Ongoing Story

As a person fascinated by local history I could not resist picking up from Chris Clarke’s excellent article published in the spring 2017 edition of TRAM Magazine regarding Tresillian’s missing milestone. His article stimulated me into taking up the challenge of conducting further research myself.

Using additional information kindly supplied to me by village resident Lewis Mitchell, which he found on an old 1960 edition Ordnance Survey map, a distinct reference point has now been established. The Tresillian milestone’s position is marked on the OS map by the usual very small black dot accompanied by the letters MS, albeit slightly masked by a black circular graphic. Using my own copy of the same map, OS SW 84 Truro 1:25,000, I was also able to confirm the exact location.

By cross referencing this data with Cornwall Council’s excellent online Interactive Map website I was able to double check the exact position where the milestone once stood, or at least close enough given the disruption created by the 1960s A390 road widening/levelling scheme and adjacent change of land-use. Both the 1960 OS map and CC’s Interactive Map show the location as being on the south side of the A390 where the current Audi dealership is situated.

Thanks to information also gleaned from the CC Interactive Map a detailed Cornwall & Scilly Historic Environment Record (HER) reference reads as follows:

HER Number:

TRESILLIAN – Post Medieval milestone

The site of a milestone on the SE side of the A39 in Tresillian – BODMIN 21¼ TRURO 3.

Grid Reference:
SW 8635 4604

St Clement, Carrick, Cornwall

Protected Status: None recorded
Other Statuses/Codes: none recorded

Monument Types
Milestone (Post Medieval – 1540 AD to 1900 AD)

Full description
A milestone is recored on the SE side of the A39 in Tresillian, on both the 1st Edition 1:2500 OS map, annotated TRURO 3 BODMIN 20, and on the 2nd Edition 1:2500 OS map c1907 annotated BODMIN 21¼ TRURO 3. The milestone is not recorded on the modern OS Mastermap 2010, suggesting it has been lost, possibly due to road alignment alterations in the C20.

Associated Finds: none recorded
Associated Events: none recorded
Related records: none recorded

So, a milestone clearly did exist inside the village at a point along its main highway outside the current Audi dealership. Interestingly, the CC Interactive map has the A390 labeled as A39 at that point (note, must make CC aware of the error).
Photo: © Keith Littlejohns

I have recently placed a request with our local parish council asking if, in the light of information now currently available, the possibility of the missing milestone being reinstated could be raised at a parish council meeting and that it could be pursued using the offices of the parish council.

Let’s hope that Tresillian’s missing milestone can either be found languishing in a council yard somewhere and reinstated, or that a replica can be produced using information recorded by C&S’s HER database so that our village’s milestone is no longer the only one missing in the chain of 12 historical milestones that run from Truro to Braddon.

If anyone has any more information or knowledge they think would be helpful or interesting regarding the missing milestone then please do contact me using the contact form on this site and I will publish it online as part of this continuing fascinating story. If you wish to receive emailed alerts as soon newsworthy items about village life are published online you can subscribe to the website for free using the box provided at the bottom right of most pages on the site.

Incidentally, most milestones you’ll see date from the 1700s or later, when new Turnpike roads were legally required to have milestone markers. It meant passengers and goods carried on the stagecoaches could be charged standardised rates for the distance they travelled. You’ll also see plenty of milestones along canals, also used to calculate how much people would be charged for moving their goods by barge.

Further news about the missing milestone will be added as soon as it becomes available.

Keith Littlejohns

A Sample of Website Testimonials Received

What an amazing memory of the afternoon [Cream Tea for The Queen 2016]. Well done to Keith for producing it. Very well put together and excellent music choice.
Aileen Bratton

Thank you, Keith.  Looks very good [swans] on the website along with all the other information you have published – well done!
Phillip Buddell

Just seen this new site. Lovely photos of Tresillian and interesting facts. Wish you well with it. Hope you get lots of comments and participation
Tina Earley

Website is great – thank you.  Just a quick note to say ‘Thank You’ for getting a Tresillian website up and running well.”
Desiree Tillgren

Thank you for your beautiful pictures and website design for the village.
Ann McCormick

Great to meet you, and much thanks for including church activities on the village website, it really is the way forward!
Billa Jeans

After getting the leaflet delivered by ‘Keith’ this week and having a quick chat in the garden at time of delivery. I thought I would check the website out. Absolutely fantastic, beautiful photo’s and puts the village in the here and now. Well done to you and I really hope the site goes from strength to strength. I am going to give the details to some family members to check it out. Well done and thank you so much for all the effort you have put into it, to make it so professional and enjoyable.
Geraldine Rawbone

A friend of ours in Sussex, who used to live in the village, is thrilled with the site as it will keep her up to date on what is happening here.
Lesley Dobel

Fantastic website, well done to all who was involved.
Kirsten Lean

What a wonderful community website for our village with lots of information and history. Well done and very impressed. Keep up the good work.
Karl Russell, Treglyn, Tresillian

I’ve had a look round – its very easy to use!
Helen Nicholson

I enjoyed looking at the site and thank you for the lovely photo of the Tresillian road sign for which I designed the emblem of the Roundhead and Cavalier at the invitation of the Highways dept. of course a reference to the civil war battle nearby. I wonder if there are any rusting cannon balls in the river.”
Janet Bailey.

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