Tresillian Defibrillators

Tresillian’s 2 Defibrillator Units

One of Tresillian’s 2 defibrillator units is located to the right of the small village shop, affixed to Graham & Kay Ellis’ exterior wall, immediately adjacent to the St Clement Parish Council / Tresillian Village noticeboard (see map).

The other defibrillator unit is located on the Methodist Chapel wall at the eastern end of the Village on the wall of Tresillian Chapel (see map).

Map showing location of both Defibrillator Units


In all cases, before you use the unit you must ensure that either yourself or another person dials 999 for ambulance services first. It really is important that professionals are on their way to the patients location. Also, your local ambulance service will be able to give you the access code to the specific defibrillator cabinet. This needs to be entered using the keypad on the front of the cabinet. Once opened, you will be able to remove the defibrillator unit and, if you are willing, they will ask you to get this unit to the patient and commence the relevant actions yourself calmly, but as quickly as possible.

Trained volunteers will also have the access code. A number of Tresillian villagers who know the code have also been trained in CPR and use of the unit. Additionally, the access code is known by the small village shop, the village petrol station and Graham & Kay Ellis.

Remember! Always dial 999 for ambulance services first! This is vital so that professional medical personnel can respond to an emergency and make their way as soon as possible to the patient’s location.